Fitness Revolution Tulsa Franchisee Featured on Fox23 News

Fitness Revolution Tulsa Franchisee Featured on Fox23 News

Clint Howard Discusses Women, High Heels, and Foot Pain

Clint Howard, a member of the Fitness Revolution Nation and owner of Tulsa Fitness Systems, was featured on Fox23 news where he discussed the negative impact of high heels on women.

As many women know from experience, high heels lead to foot pain. With normal, flatter footwear, pressure is more evenly distributed across the entire foot. With heels however, the weight of the body is shifted forward, and tremendous pressure is place on the front of the foot.

What many women do not know is how regular use of high heels negatively impacts the entire body.

“Your calves are also shortened, and it’s a cascade up the entire body,” says Howard. “It causes a tight lower back, you are shifted forward a little bit, so now you’ve got bad posture, rounding of the shoulder…”

But will knowing about these problems prevent women from wearing heels? Probably not. Howard added, “A survey just came out where 50% of women, even if they are aware of these problems, are still going to wear them.”

So does that mean they just have to live with the stubborn decision? What can they do to help prevent these problems aside from casting aside the footwear entirely?

According to Howard, regularly stretching the calf muscles and using a foam roller for self-massage are two techniques that may help counteract the effect of high heels.

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